Derk’s Story

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Growing up in a small town in Ohio I was lucky enough to have watched my parents run a successful building company and pursue many other entrepreneurial ventures in their careers.

As successful as they were, they were always trading time for money, and allowing the economy or industry standards to dictate the income.

I admired my parents work ethic and success, so I decided very early on that I was going to become an entrepreneur myself. However, I knew I didnt want to trade my time for money or allow anybody else to deem what I was worth per hour.

In short I was a dreamer.

After high school I shocked all of my friends and told them I was moving to HOLLYWOOD to become an actor.

As you can imagine that statement was met with laughter both in front and behind my back.

However, being the independent thinker that I was I packed up my pick-up truck and headed west!

17 years later I’m a successful actor that has been fortunate enough to have been in every facet of this industry from 100 million dollar movies, national commercials, and Series Regulars on several different shows.

Currently I am on a major Daytime Network show.

Most people think that over night success is just that….NOT TRUE!

In this world an over night success is 10 YEARS!

I’m not going to bore you with the specific’s of my journey, but I held odd jobs early in my career.

I did everything from cleaning carpets to waiting tables, so I understand the meaning of hard work for mediocre pay.

I’m very glad to have had those experiences in my life because they taught me a lot about work ethic and gave me an understanding of the business system.

To be continued….

Thanks Derk,

Derk Cheetwood




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